Viser arkivet for stikkord forside

Hvorfor sitemap er unødvendig


Hvis mange av brukerne ender på sidekartet (sitemap) på nettstedet ditt så har du sannsynligvis et problem. Løsningen? Hent lenkene på sidekartet frem på forsiden, skriver Jared Spool i saken The Site Map: An Information Architecture

If you’re seeing a large number of visitors going to your site map, that’s indicative of a scent problem. Over the years, we’ve recommended putting the site map links on the home page. In many cases, creating a link-rich home page can solve much of the problem, reducing demand on (and thereby the need to maintain) the site map.

Spool henter frem brukerscenario fra virkligheten, som vi lett kan kjenne oss igjen i: En venn med hudproblemer søkte spesialprodukter på grunn av følsomhet for visse kjemiske stoffer.

Therefore, we decided to visit At the time, the only substantial links on the home page were generic, awkward marketing contributions, such as Your Body, Your Hair, Your Skin, and Real Beauty.

The site map was quite different from the home page. There were close to 50 links, mostly names of products. These were categorized into groups, with an entire group labeled “Sensitive Skin.” Our guest clicked into that group and found what she’d been seeking.

Konklusjonen er enkel:

The site map is there only to save it from total failure. Fix the problem and the site map is no longer necessary. Don’t fall for the cop-out.